Concierge Biannual Subscription

One User/One Venue

First Impression Email Responses

  • Stop wasting time trying to stay on top of each inquiry that comes in. Let Concierge craft personalized First Impressions for your clients and provide availability plus general information within 20 minutes of each incoming inquiry non matter what time of day or night.

Calendar Integration

  • We’ll sync with your existing Google Calendar or provide one for you to subscribe to. Quickly see all your Confirmed Bookings within the Calendar app of your choice. Change dates or times within Concierge and the event will be updated within the Calendar app of your choosing.

Event Management

  • Bookings
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Notes

Conflict Notifications

  • Stop worrying about double bookings. If you inadvertently create a double booking, Concierge will email you immediately, preventing any major issues with your clients.

$600 every 6 months